Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Tucson, AZ (2024)

Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Tucson, AZ (2024)

According to the Tucson Police Department, the city reports over 5,000 vehicle accidents annually. If you live in the area or frequently pass through, you may benefit from knowing the most dangerous roads and intersections in Tucson, AZ. If you have been injured in a car crash, be sure to seek medical attention right away; it is also advised to consult with an injury attorney.

Common Roadways for Car Accidents in Tucson

Data from Tucson law enforcement found that the majority of traffic collisions in the city occur at intersections, which is unsurprising due to these areas posing numerous potentials for driver error and vehicles approaching from every direction. Slightly more crashes were reported on the east side of Tucson, but overall, it was relatively evenly split between all divisions. The department found these intersections to be where accidents most frequently occur:

  • between Valencia Road and Nogales Highway.
  • at Golf Links Road and Swan Road.
  • at Grand Road and Alvernon Way.
  • at Golf Links Road and Craycroft Road.

Tucson also has some of the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in the country, despite the city most frequently reporting car accidents between vehicles. Tucson was sixth in a 2020 ranking of the 50 American cities where the highest number of motor vehicle collisions occur. It was also high on the list of cities with the most pedestrian fatalities.

This is partly because of street design and general infrastructure, with most fatal vehicle accidents occurring within large, multi-lane roadways where there are high speed limits along with fewer crosswalks.

Additionally, data from the county Medical Examiner’s Office found that 65% of Tucson pedestrians killed in a traffic incident during 2023 tested positive for alcohol, meth, fentanyl, and other drugs. This may suggest that the risk of pedestrian fatalities is particularly high due to the combination of dangerous roadways and intoxicated pedestrians.

Frequent Causes of Motor Vehicle Collisions

One of the most common reasons a car crash can occur is distracted driving. If one of the motorists is lost in thought, messing with the radio, engrossed in conversation or their cellular phone, etc., their attention is not on the road, and a collision could happen at any moment. It’s also extremely dangerous for any motorist to drive while fatigued, which is seen across all types of vehicle drivers but especially observed among commercial truck drivers.

Drivers who speed or are otherwise not adhering to traffic laws are also likely to cause a car crash. Even driving slightly over the limit can result in more damage and serious injuries. Other reckless driving behaviors include aggressive driving, such as tailgating, street racing, and ignoring stop signs or running red lights. Traffic accidents are also more likely to occur at night, during turbulent weather such as heavy rain or fog, and where there are potholes or curved roads.

Unfortunately, many car accidents are caused because one of the involved parties was driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These substances, including even some prescription medications, can easily diminish a driver’s faculties and ability to drive safely. Drugs and alcohol can affect a person’s vision, logical reasoning, reaction time, and other senses needed to properly operate a motor vehicle.


Q: What Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Tucson?

A: According to data collected in 2023 by Tucson police, the intersections where most vehicle collisions occurred were Valencia Road and Nogales Highway, followed by Golf Links Road and Swan Road. Other hazardous intersections include Grand Road and Alvernon Way, and Golf Links Road and Craycroft Road.

Q: How Many Car Accidents Happen in AZ?

A: The Arizona Department of Transportation found that in 2020, there were just under 98,800 total crashes. 970 of these crashes resulted in fatalities, with 1,057 deaths, with 41,350 individuals sustaining some degree of physical harm. 70% of traffic accidents across the state resulted in property damage only.

Q: Do I Need an Attorney in a Car Accident Injury Claim?

A: There are no laws requiring you to hire a lawyer after a car crash or to file an injury claim. However, your strongest chance of obtaining a fair settlement payout is with the help of an educated and experienced injury attorney. These legal professionals will know the minimum amount of compensation you deserve, given the details of your situation. They will also ensure that insurance companies don’t offer you a settlement that is much lower than you are entitled to.

Q: How Many Crashes Are Fatal in Tucson?

A: Tucson law enforcement reported that there have been 23 fatalities among the 1,900 car crashes that have happened in 2024 thus far. In 2023, there were 5,947 automobile accidents, and 91 of those incidents resulted in the fatality of someone involved. About half of all motor vehicle collisions reported to the police resulted in property damage only, with no injuries.

Q: What Are the Deadliest Roads in Arizona?

A: Data reporting the highways where the most traffic fatalities occurred in Arizona in 2020 found that interstate highways I-10 and I-40 were the deadliest roadways in the state. These are followed by the state highways of U.S. Route 60, Arizona Veterans Highway (I-17), State Routes 87 and 95, US-93, and SR-101.

An Experienced, Dedicated Attorney to Fight for Your Rights When Injured

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