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“Thank you for seeing my case through swiftly. You possess a genuine and ‘approachable way’ about yourself that is honest and put me at ease. You were straightforward with matters and you’re an excellent listener. You made yourself available to the best of your ability. Qualities of great human value that are diminishing in our community and world. I thank you for that. It’s no surprise that you carry a Preeminent Attorney Status. And yes Marc, I will contact you in the future should I have questions or a need for your expertise again.”


“[Marc] has done a terrific job with this very difficult case. We just finished the arbitration hearing and Mr. Bleaman was very prepared on the facts of the case as well as the legal merits. His hearing strategy was solid and it was obvious that the arbitrator respected his view of the law. In addition, he was excellent reading the situation and brought the right degree of aggressive advocacy balanced with an professional demeanor. We feel blessed to work with him on this matter.”


“In no way can I express my most sincere thank you for the tremendous work you did on my behalf. I will be forever grateful for the way you resolved this awful accident…. I will always be thankful for your excellent handling of the case.”


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