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Tucson Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Tucson Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Most drivers in the Tucson area are accustomed to seeing many commercial vehicles on local roads, from delivery vans to tractor-trailers. These vehicles are often larger than most of the passenger vehicles around them, and while commercial drivers are specially trained to handle these vehicles, they are susceptible to the same risk factors as all other drivers, plus a few unique safety concerns.

As a result, when commercial vehicle accidents happen, they tend to result in more severe damages than accidents involving standard passenger vehicles, and they can also generate more complex legal issues for those involved.

Helping Tucson, AZ, Clients Recover From Commercial Vehicle Accidents

If you or a family member recently suffered injuries in a commercial vehicle accident in the Tucson area, you could face a lengthy and tedious series of legal proceedings before you recover the recompense you legally deserve.

An experienced personal injury attorney is an invaluable asset in this situation, and Bleaman Law Firm, PC, can provide the representation you need for your impending commercial vehicle accident claim.

Your legal team can assist you with gathering any evidence you will need to firmly prove fault for your damages, help you secure as much of a recovery as possible through the insurance claim process, and ultimately help build a compelling personal injury suit against the at-fault driver when insurance alone cannot compensate you for your losses.

The team at Bleaman Law Firm, PC, has helped many Tucson area clients through difficult civil cases, and we can leverage this experience for you.

Proving Liability for Your Commercial Vehicle Accident in Tucson

The first obstacle you face as you seek recompense for your damages is proving fault for your accident. It’s possible for a commercial vehicle accident to occur from negligence or intentional misconduct while driving.

While the commercial vehicle driver may be solely responsible for the accident, it is also possible for their employer to share fault depending on exactly how the accident occurred. For example, if the employer never performed a background check on the driver that would have revealed a significant safety risk, the employer is likely to face partial responsibility for the resulting damages.

Fault for your accident could also fall to a third party. One driver may cause an accident with a commercial vehicle that ultimately harms you as well. Whatever your case entails, an experienced Tucson commercial vehicle accident attorney can help prove liability for the incident and ensure accountability for the damages you suffered.

Evidence you may need in your case can include vehicle computer data, statements from any witnesses who saw the accident happen, traffic camera footage, and driver cell phone records.

Anyone planning to file any type of personal injury claim must remember Arizona’s pure comparative negligence law. If a plaintiff shares fault with a defendant for causing their claimed damages, they will lose a percentage of their final case award to reflect their shared liability.

If you have any concerns about bearing partial responsibility for the commercial vehicle accident you recently experienced, it is imperative to consult a Tucson commercial vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible. They can help accurately prove liability for the incident and minimize any potential shared fault you hold for the incident.

Claiming Compensation Through Auto Insurance for Your Commercial Vehicle Accident

Under Arizona law, the party responsible for causing a vehicle accident absorbs liability for the resulting damages. Every driver in Arizona is legally required to have personal auto insurance, and companies that employ commercial vehicle drivers typically have even more expansive auto insurance coverage.

However, this does not mean that insurance alone can fully cover your losses or that filing your insurance claim will be an easy process.

Most insurance companies look for any justifications they can find to deny claims or minimize their settlement offers as much as possible. However, they are less likely to engage in bad faith handling of legitimate claims when claimants have experienced legal representation on their side.

When you have Bleaman Law Firm, PC, representing your commercial vehicle accident claim, we can help file your demand letter to the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier and ensure they deliver a fair settlement offer.

After resolving any issues that arise with your claim and obtaining your settlement, any outstanding damages not covered by insurance can be sought with your personal injury claim.

Building Your Personal Injury Claim for a Commercial Vehicle Accident in Tucson

After obtaining as much compensation as possible through your auto insurance claim, any remainder of your losses can be sought from the defendant through a personal injury suit. Under the personal injury laws of Arizona, you have the right to seek full repayment of the financial losses you incurred from the accident as well as pain and suffering compensation.

Your direct financial damages are likely to include vehicle repair costs not covered by insurance, medical expenses for immediate and future treatments you require to fully heal from your injuries, and lost income. Some commercial vehicle accident victims are so severely injured that they are unable to return to work due to the severity of their injuries.

If this applies in your case, the defendant is responsible for the future income you can no longer earn.

Pain and suffering are not subject to any caps or limits under Arizona law. Your Tucson commercial vehicle accident attorney can help determine a reasonable figure to include in your claim based on the scope and severity of the harm you suffered.

If you sustained any long-term or permanent harm because of the defendant’s actions, the total of your pain and suffering compensation may amount to several times more than the sum of your economic damages included in the claim.

Ultimately, you could be entitled to claim far more compensation than you might initially expect, and the right Tucson commercial vehicle accident attorney can unlock the full potential of your case.

The Bleaman Law Firm, PC, has cultivated a strong professional reputation as a leading choice for personal injury representation for Tucson-area clients, and we have confronted many large companies on behalf of past clients.

If you want to learn more about your options for legal recourse and start your recovery process with the help of a Tucson commercial vehicle accident attorney you can trust, contact us today to schedule your consultation with our team.


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