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Tucson Boat Accident Lawyer

Many people living in the Tucson area enjoy boating on Lakeside Lake, Kennedy Lake, and Silverbell Lake, and while most are able to enjoy their time on the water, there is always a chance for boating accidents to happen and cause tremendous damage.

When a boat accident occurs, the parties involved will need to determine the cause of the accident and the scope of the resulting damages. Like any other vehicle accident, the party responsible for causing a boat accident faces liability for all resulting damages.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Boat Accident Claims in Tucson, AZ

If you or a family member recently suffered injuries in a boating accident caused by another party, you need a Tucson boat accident attorney you can trust to ensure accountability and secure compensation for your losses.

Bleaman Law Firm, PC, can provide the legal counsel you need for this type of case. Our firm has helped many past clients recover from all types of personal injuries, including boat accidents on Tucson area lakes.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for Your Boat Accident Claim in Tucson

When you face any type of civil suit for damages in Tucson, you need legal representation you can trust to lead you through your proceedings efficiently and maximize your recovery. The right attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your claim, potentially helping you reveal avenues of compensation you would not have considered on your own.

Additionally, their representation means you will not be faced with handling difficult legal issues and your medical recovery all at once.

Bleaman Law Firm, PC, can immediately begin helping you gather the evidence and witness testimony you may need to firmly establish liability for the damages you suffered. Under Arizona law, the party responsible for causing your boat accident is liable for the scope of economic damages they caused, along with compensation for your pain and suffering.

Our team can help construct your claim with compelling evidence and thoroughly explore every channel of recovery that may be available to you.

Proving Liability for a Boat Accident in Tucson

It’s possible for a boat accident to happen from a variety of causes. Distractions while operating a boat, failure to ensure the boat was in proper working order before launching, or failure to ensure the boat had necessary safety devices onboard before launching are just a few examples of how boat operator negligence can cause a serious accident. It is also possible for intentional misconduct to cause tremendous harm on the water.

For example, Arizona’s laws against driving under the influence (DUI) apply to boats just as they do to motor vehicles on land. If your boat operator was intoxicated when they caused your accident, they would face not only liability for your civil damages but also criminal charges for DUI.

Your Tucson boat accident attorney can help secure whatever evidence you may need to prove liability for your accident. This may entail testimony from the other boat occupants and witnesses who saw your accident happen.

When a boat accident involves complex technical details, your Tucson boat accident attorney may consult an expert witness who can help explain the exact cause of the accident.

It’s important to remember that Arizona enforces the pure comparative negligence rule, which may come into play whenever more than one party shares fault for an accident. If you are found partially liable for your boat accident, pure comparative negligence will apply, and you will have a portion of fault assigned by the judge overseeing the case.

This fault percentage will be deducted as a penalty from your final case award. Therefore, bearing 10% fault for the accident would mean you will lose 10% of the total case award won from the defendant. Your Tucson boat accident attorney can address any concerns you may have about bearing partial fault and preserve your case award as much as possible.

Claiming Compensation for Boat Accident Damages

Boat accidents can be tremendously damaging. Depending on how the accident occurred, a victim may have suffered a host of physical injuries that demand extensive ongoing medical treatment.

Their medical bills and inability to work while they recover can create a very distressing financial situation for them and their family, and it is natural for anyone in this situation to feel daunted by the prospect of filing a civil suit to recover their losses.

Once you have proven the cause of your boat accident and identified the defendant or defendants responsible, you can get on with claiming compensation for the damages they caused. Under Arizona’s personal injury statutes, you have the right to claim compensation for:

  • Medical expenses. Depending on the nature and severity of a boat accident, a victim may suffer broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, burns, or drowning injuries. Your Tucson boat accident attorney can help claim full compensation for all medical care you require to fully heal from your injuries. This includes immediate healthcare expenses following the accident as well as any long-term treatment costs for rehabilitative care you will need in the future.
  • Lost income. If you cannot work after your boat accident, the defendant who caused the accident is responsible for repaying the income you were unable to earn during this time. This applies to lost future earning potential as well if you were left permanently disabled and will not be able to return to work in the future. Your Tucson boat accident attorney can help evaluate the full amount of lost income you face from the accident and hold the defendant appropriately accountable for these losses.
  • Property damage. When a defendant’s negligence or misconduct also resulted in property losses then they are responsible for repaying these as well. For example, if you were piloting your own boat when another boat operator hit your vessel, they would be liable for repair or replacement costs.

Your economic damages could amount to much more than you initially anticipated when you hire the right personal injury attorney to represent you.

However, your recovery does not end with your claimed economic damages. You also have the right to seek pain and suffering compensation from the defendant who injured you.

Enhancing Your Case Award for a Boat Accident

Under Arizona law, there is no limit to how much you can claim in compensation for your pain and suffering. Your Tucson boat accident attorney can assess the scope and severity of the losses you suffered and help determine a reasonable amount of pain and suffering compensation to include in your civil action.

When a plaintiff has suffered life-changing injuries or any permanent harm, their total pain and suffering compensation may amount to several times the total of their economic damages.

If your boat accident was the result of illegal misconduct, this could enhance your recovery in the form of punitive damages or restitution. Your Tucson boat accident attorney can advise you as to how such issues may impact your final recovery.

Ultimately, every plaintiff will have an entirely unique recovery experience, but every plaintiff benefits by investing in legal counsel they can trust.

Resolving a Boat Accident Claim in Tucson

When you hire Bleaman Law Firm, PC, to represent your boat accident claim, you will have a dedicated and responsive legal advocate ready to address your concerns and answer any legal questions as they arise throughout your case.

We have a strong record of successful cases behind us thanks to our commitment to client-focused legal counsel. We will take time to review the details of how your boat accident happened and help identify the party or parties responsible for causing it. Once we have assessed fault, we can then help evaluate the scope of damages you can seek from the defendant.

Our goal in any personal injury case is to help our clients streamline the recovery process and secure as much compensation as possible for their damages. We will aim to settle your boat accident claim with the defendant if possible, but if they refuse to settle or you cannot reach mutually agreeable terms for any reason, we are fully prepared to represent you in litigation.

If you are concerned about the cost of legal representation, it is important to know how our contingency fee billing system works. Under this billing arrangement, our client does not pay upfront or ongoing legal fees for representation.

Instead, they only part with a percentage of their final case award as our firm’s fee. If we cannot obtain compensation for you for any reason, you pay nothing at all, so there are no financial risks to choosing our firm to represent your boat accident case.

Ultimately, every boat accident victim will face unique challenges in their efforts to recover, and it is vital to have legal counsel you trust in this scenario.

The Bleaman Law Firm, PC, is ready to provide the compassionate representation you need to recover as fully as possible from your recent boat accident.

If you would like to learn more about how our team can assist you with your recovery, contact us today and schedule a consultation with a Tucson boat accident attorney.


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