Arizona Tractor Trailer Accidents – Injuries Caused By Arizona Employees

Arizona Tractor Trailer Accidents – Injuries Caused By Arizona Employees



Employers in Arizona are responsible for the negligent acts of their employees while acting within the course and scope of their employment duties. If an employee, while working, causes injury to another, the employer can be held responsible for the injuries the same as the employee.

This liability is based upon agency law, where the employee is considered an agent of the employer (principal). The theory behind placing responsibility on the employer (Respondeat Superior) is based upon the fact that the employer is directing/controlling the employee’s behavior.

This is true even in situations where an employee slightly deviates from his duties, such as stopping to get a cup of coffee or to go to the bathroom.


For Arizona injury victims who are severely injured, seeking financial justice requires investigating and finding all responsible parties. Many times, if an employee is driving their own vehicle, the insurance limits available from the employee’s auto insurance will be too small to provide full justice for a client’s injuries.

If the at-fault driver was in the course and scope of his employment at the time of the crash, his employer will be vicariously liable for the employee’s actions. In most cases, the employer would have additional insurance available above and beyond the insurance limits of the employee’s automobile.

Similarly, the employer can be held financially responsible even if they did not have sufficient insurance coverage available. To ensure you are properly compensated, make sure your AZ truck accident attorney is investigating all possible claims including claims of vicarious liability/respondeat superior.


Every day thousands of employees are on the roads in Arizona performing tasks for their employers. Delivery drivers, truckers, and maintenance workers all take to the road in company vehicles or their own vehicles. If you are the victim of a car crash caused by someone working at the time of the crash, obtaining this information is important to ensure you receive full financial justice for your injuries.

When exchanging information at the crash scene, ask for a copy of their business card, take photographs of any business markings on the vehicle, and/or ask for this information. If you are unable to get this information at the scene, make sure to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you navigate through the complex injury claim process.

If you need a trucking accident attorney, at Bleaman Law Firm, we understand these complex rules and potential layers of responsibility/insurance and make sure to flush out this information before resolving our client’s injury claims. If you have been injured in a car crash or any auto accident and you are looking for a reliable personal injury law firm in Tucson, do not hesitate to call us to see how we can help.

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