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Commercial vehicles are much larger and heavier than most other vehicles on the road. While accidents involving commercial trucks are less common than other accidents, they tend to cause far worse damage. If you or a member of your family has been injured in such an incident, a Vail, AZ, truck accident lawyer can help determine the optimal way to recover your damages from the party responsible.

Vail AZ Truck Accident Lawyer

Experienced Legal Counsel for Truck Accident Claims in Vail, AZ

A trusted AZ law firm is an invaluable asset for any type of civil claim for damages you may intend to file in response to another party’s negligence or illegal misconduct. The Bleaman Law Firm, PC, offers client-focused legal representation for a wide range of cases, including those arising from commercial truck accidents. We take time to listen to our client’s story and provide them with individualized counsel, always aiming for maximum recovery.

When you choose our team to represent you, you can expect close attention to detail through every phase of your recovery efforts. You can count on our team to help prove fault for your accident, gather the evidence needed to establish the full extent of your claimable damages and guide you through the legal process of recovering those damages from the party responsible for causing your accident.

Recovering From Your Truck Accident in Vail

Before you will be able to obtain any compensation for the damages you sustained in your recent accident, you must prove exactly how those damages occurred and identify the party or parties who caused them. Truck accidents happen for the same reasons that all other accidents occur, such as speeding and distracted driving, but they also happen because of regulatory noncompliance and the negligence of trucking industry employers.

Your Vail, AZ, truck accident lawyer can help gather whatever evidence you may need to prove the cause of your accident. This could include physical evidence from the scene of the crash, digital evidence like cell phone records, traffic camera video footage, and testimony from witnesses. Once fault is established, you may proceed with claiming compensation for your losses, and your attorney can help you accurately prove the full scope of those losses.

Your recovery will likely begin with a claim against the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy, and if this does not fully cover your losses, you will need to pursue a personal injury claim to recover the remainder of the compensation owed by the defendant. Having a trusted AZ law firm supporting you in these efforts will significantly increase your chances of success while reducing the chance you encounter unfair pushback on your claim.

It’s possible to recover compensation for your medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, lost income, and your lost future earning power if you have been permanently disabled from your injuries. You may also claim pain and suffering compensation, and the state sets no limit to how much you can seek for a truck accident. When you choose the Bleaman Law Firm, PC, to represent you, we can thoroughly investigate every channel of recovery available to you.


Q: How Long Do I Have to File a Truck Accident Claim in Vail?

A: In Vail, AZ, you have a relatively short time in which to file an auto insurance claim after any accident, and you face a two-year statute of limitations if you intend to file a personal injury claim in the state. Do not make the mistake of assuming you have plenty of time to file your case. It may take longer than you expect to compile the elements of your claim, so it is always advisable to seek out a trusted AZ law firm to help you as quickly as possible after your accident.

Q: How Much Is My Truck Accident Claim Worth?

A: Your truck accident claim can be worth the total cost of your economic damages if you are able to prove that another party is entirely to blame for your recent accident. This includes future damages like ongoing medical bills and lost earning capacity. You also have the right to seek fair pain and suffering compensation. A Vail, AZ, truck accident lawyer can review your case and estimate the total damages you could recover.

Q: What Do I Do After a Truck Accident in Vail?

A: After a truck accident in Vail, you must report the accident to 911 if you are able to do so and wait for first responders. If you feel well enough, taking photos of the crash scene is a good idea. Try to take pictures of your injuries, the damage to your vehicle, and the positions of the vehicles involved in the accident. These could be invaluable later in your efforts to prove fault. Seek medical care for your injuries, and then reach out to a trusted AZ law firm for their assistance.

Q: What Happens if I Share Fault for the Accident?

A: If you share fault for an accident, Arizona upholds the pure comparative fault rule, meaning it is possible for you to be found partially liable for your recent truck accident and for you to be assigned a percentage of fault. If this applies to your case, you will lose a percentage of the final compensation obtained from the defendant to reflect your shared liability. For example, bearing 10% fault for a crash means losing 10% of the total damages claimed from the defendant.

Q: Will I Need to Go to Court for a Truck Accident Claim in Vail?

A: You may need to go to court for a truck accident claim in Vail if the defendant does not accept responsibility for the crash. Most civil claims for damages are settled outside of court through private negotiation. This is generally beneficial to all parties as it allows them to avoid the stress of litigation. However, settlement is possible only if a defendant accepts liability and agrees to negotiate. If settlement fails or a defendant denies liability, the case must go to litigation.

The team at the Bleaman Law Firm, PC, is ready to provide the compassionate legal counsel you need on your side in the aftermath of a truck accident someone else caused. We know how damaging these accidents can be and that you are likely to have many pressing questions you cannot answer alone. If you’re ready to learn how a Vail, AZ, truck accident lawyer can help, contact us today and schedule a free consultation with our team.


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