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There are several reasons a truck collision may happen. Due to commercial trucks often being much larger and heavier than other vehicles on the road, the damage they may inflict on passenger car drivers can be particularly serious. Whether the liable party is the truck driver or the driver’s employer, a South Tucson truck accident lawyer will investigate the details of your case and ensure you receive a fair settlement.

South Tucson Truck Accident Lawyer

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Similar to other types of motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents can occur due to error on the driver’s part. While truck driver negligence is a common factor in trucking incidents, if the driver’s employer didn’t provide them with the required training in order to safely handle commercial trucks, the employer may also be found at fault for any accidents.

Truck driver negligence may also result from the driver operating the truck while fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Truck driving is often a demanding job, but the industry enforces non-work hour regulations to ensure drivers get sufficient rest. If a truck driver was pushing themselves for too long or using drugs to cope while on the job, they may be held liable for any traffic accidents. If convicted of a DUI, they could also lose their license.

Another common risk in truck collisions is when the commercial vehicle has faulty maintenance. Large trucks have more complex internal machinery than most passenger cars and also spend much more time on the road than other vehicles. Therefore, commercial trucks have more extensive maintenance demands, leaving more room for potentially disastrous errors to occur.

Any commercial trucks that carry cargo must meet mandated regulations that ensure the cargo is properly loaded, secured, and balanced. If the cargo isn’t appropriately affixed to the truck, it can lead to several catastrophic issues, such as the cargo falling off during transit, shifting to one side and causing the truck to roll over, being loose and swerving into other lanes, or blocking other drivers’ visibility.

What Damages Can I Recover After a Truck Accident in Arizona?

The victim’s injury lawyer must show sufficient proof that establishes how the accident led to each individual cost and/or why it’s deserved. Whatever damages the attorney is successful in proving as valid will be added up, and the total sum is the compensation or settlement amount.

Economic damages include past and future medical expenses (including physical therapy, surgeries, medications, etc.), any costs of repairing/replacing damaged personal property, such as a car, and lost wages if the resulting injuries necessitated time away from work or permanently diminished your ability to earn income at your job.

Non-economic damages are, conversely, more subjective and immeasurable, including the victim’s pain, suffering, mental anguish, psychological trauma, loss of enjoyment in life, and permanent bodily disfigurement.

Since it’s difficult to assign a monetary value to such damages and losses, some injury attorneys will use a set multiplier to determine the amount. Your lawyer would calculate non-economic damages by multiplying your determined economic damages by an appropriate multiplier for your circumstances. Additional punitive damages may be awarded if the misconduct of the liable party is found to be malicious or especially reckless.

Arizona law does not enforce any caps on injury settlements, but the compensation payout may be reduced according to the state’s pure comparative negligence regulations. This refers to instances where the injured party was proven to be partially at fault for the accident, resulting in their recompense being reduced by the percentage they’re determined to be liable.

For example, if the victim was 30% at fault, they can still receive up to 70% of their damages. Even if a party is mostly at fault, they can still recover some damages.

Trucking Accident Attorney FAQs

Q: How Much Are Most Truck Accident Settlements in AZ?

A: It’s difficult to determine how much most trucking incidents earn in compensation since each case has varying circumstances. The ideal way to learn how much your truck accident may be worth is by consulting with an attorney experienced in personal injury law. Typically, one of the most influential factors in determining the compensation amount is the extent of injuries sustained by the victim and their passengers, including if there was wrongful death involved.

Q: What Are Most Lawyer’s Fees for Trucking Accidents?

A: Most lawyer fees for any personal injury case, including trucking collisions, are on a contingency basis. This means that your injury attorney will only require payment for their legal services from you if they win your settlement on your behalf; otherwise, you do not have to pay anything besides initial filing or court costs. After your attorney takes their percentage of the total compensation amount, the rest goes to you.

Q: How Can I Maximize My Settlement Award From a Truck Accident?

A: The most effective way to maximize your settlement award from a truck accident is by hiring a qualified personal injury lawyer. An attorney will understand how much you’re owed based on case details and can prevent insurance companies from giving you an unfair payout.

You can increase your chances of full compensation by keeping a meticulous record of all medical examinations, bills, receipts, etc., so there is tangible evidence of your injuries and damages. Also, refrain from discussing the accident with any insurers or involved parties without speaking to a lawyer.

Q: What Is the Longest a Trucking Injury Case Can Take?

A: Trucking accident injury claims may take different amounts of time to be fully resolved. Many cases reach a settlement outside of court during the negotiation phase, while others may require going to court in order to resolve the matter.

The timeline is difficult to determine beforehand, but injury claims may be drawn out if the liable party’s insurance provider is unwilling to compromise on fair compensation or if determining the degrees of shared fault is especially complicated.

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