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Even motorcyclists who adhere to traffic laws may get into an accident because of other negligent or reckless motorists on the road. Because motorcycle riders are naturally less protected than passenger car occupants, they will most likely sustain severe bodily injury in a collision – even if they’re wearing a helmet. If you were injured in a crash, a South Tucson motorcycle accident lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

At the Bleaman Law Firm, P.C., we have many years of experience in helping clients after devastating motorcycle accidents. We’re prepared to help you pursue compensation.

South Tucson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Who Is Liable in a Motorcycle Traffic Collision in Arizona?

For many traffic accidents involving a motorcyclist, the car driver is found to be at least partially at fault, if not entirely. The other motorist may have been driving under the influence, ignoring traffic laws, or driving while distracted, speeding, fatigued, or otherwise recklessly.

It’s also possible for a driver who wasn’t directly involved in the accident to be held liable. If an uninvolved motorist was driving dangerously, leading other drivers to get out of their path and subsequently causing an accident, the reckless driver would likely be found at fault.

Sometimes, the motorcyclist may be found responsible for the traffic accident, such as if the rider wasn’t adhering to traffic laws or was operating their motorcycle in a reckless or negligent manner. In the event the motorcyclist is partially liable, they can still pursue compensation for their injuries and other damages; their settlement payout will be reduced by the percent they’re determined to be at-fault.

What’s Needed to Prove a Motorcycle Crash Personal Injury Claim

Similar to other vehicle accidents, to receive compensation in court after a motorcycle collision, your injury attorney must provide sufficient evidence and supporting arguments that establish the other party was, in fact, liable.

Proving liability begins by establishing that the accused driver owed the injured motorcyclist a duty of care. This is usually easily accomplished, as anyone driving on the road owes surrounding motorists a reasonable degree of regard and should act in accordance with traffic laws and regulations. It must next be proven that the accused party breached their duty (of care), meaning their action or inaction was not reasonably careful.

Breach of duty can be established by explaining what the driver should or shouldn’t have done within the specific situation, according to reasonable expectations. The plaintiff must also prove how what the defendant did fell short of said expectations. The final liability component is proving how the breach directly caused the crash and the victim’s injuries. The driver is only liable for injuries caused by the accident, so the attorney must prove the harm was sustained during the collision.

There are several sources of evidence your South Tucson personal injury lawyer may utilize in proving your case, including the timeline and severity of your injuries. To increase your chances of having a strong claim, be sure to keep and collect any documentation or other evidence relevant to the accident, your injuries, costs, etc. Compelling evidence can include photos/videos of the accident and/or the aftermath, witness testimonies, doctor’s assessment of your injuries, medical bills, and more.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer FAQs

Q: What Is the Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident in Arizona?

A: It can be difficult to calculate the average settlement of an injury claim, including cases involving motorcycle crashes. There are several factors that can influence the size of the compensation payout a vehicle accident victim may receive, such as the skills of their injury attorney, whether they were partially at fault for the collision, and the extent of the injuries they sustained.

Q: How Painful Is a Motorcycle Accident?

A: Motorcyclists typically sustain more damage than other motorists. The rider’s body is inherently more exposed to the environment around them, and they endure the impact of colliding with much heavier automobiles.

Injured motorcyclists often incur traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, road rash abrasions, broken bones, and more. The medical costs to address such injuries in order to make a full recovery are often very expensive. It’s important that you pursue compensation with the help of an experienced injury attorney.

Q: What Are the Odds of Surviving a Motorcycle Accident?

A: The odds of surviving a motorcycle accident are fairly high despite motorcycle riders being more vulnerable to bodily injury on average. However, a motorcyclist’s chances of surviving a traffic accident are strongest when the rider takes the appropriate safety precautions. Anyone on a motorcycle in South Tucson should always consider wearing a helmet, be educated on motorcycle safety, and adhere to the laws and regulations of the road.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Heal After a Motorcycle Accident?

A: How long it takes to recover after a motorcycle accident depends on the severity and location of injury, mental well-being, pre-existing conditions, promptness/quality of medical care, etc.

Minor injuries like sprains and bruises may take a few weeks to heal; more serious wounds like bone fractures and deep gashes may heal in several weeks to a few months. Severe injuries, such as head trauma, nerve damage, and spinal injuries, will probably take several months and even years to fully heal, while others may never heal completely.

Q: What Damages Can I Recover After a Motorcycle Crash in AZ?

A: In Arizona, injured victims of a motorcycle accident, or any automobile collision, can pursue compensation for the damages they suffered. A compensation award will be the sum of the injured person’s economic losses, non-economic damages, and sometimes punitive damages.

Economic damages are quantitative, such as medical bills, lost wages, etc. Non-economic losses are subjective and refer to the person’s pain, suffering, and any permanent bodily damage. Punitive damages may be awarded if the offender’s misconduct was particularly malicious or reckless.

Seek Financial Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident Injury From a Skilled Lawyer

At the Bleaman Law Firm, P.C., you can rest assured that your personal injury case is in capable hands. Our dedicated accident attorney is compassionate, honest, and straightforward with each client, ensuring they are listened to and receive high-quality legal counsel and representation. Reach out to us today for a case review.


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